Passifi – Android App

An Android app that let’s you have access and share Wifi passwords for free.

Passifi is a cool little app that enables access to free Wifi easily. I was in charge of branding, designing the UX and the app’s appearance.
The problem: While in public places people always have inquire about the Wifi password or use their 3G which is not an ideal solution.

The solution:

The idea was to create a simple app (Passifi) that will enable users to easily share passwords with each other, Passifi will aggregate all those passwords and will enable quick and easy access to Wifi passwords.

The Structure: After being welcomed by a splash screen the users will be directed to a map screen showing them where they are on the map, and showing them the all the Wifi spots around them. On the bottom of the screen there is a list of the Wifi spots with an indication of wether that Wifi has a password in the system or not. Clicking on the Wifi spot will give you a little more information about that spot and will enable the user to connect. If this spot has a password in the system the user will be automatically connected, if not he will be asked to put in a password, and then share that password with the rest of the Passifi users.
The Design of the app is meant to be very simple and elegant, I wanted to make it stand out (hence the dark theme) and look modern but also very accessible and neat.